Celebrating with friends & family over 3 days at several different locations: Venue 1, Venue 3, Venue 4, San Giovanni Evangelista, & Venue 39.

"As those of us wanting a destination Wedding know - it can be quite daunting and extremely scary putting one of the most important days of your life in the hands of a total stranger. Well, when you do decide on that "stranger" choose Angel Lion Wedding Planner & Events, you do not have the time nor do I to list all the reasons why but trust me a three Day Wedding, planned form the States, coordinating 40 Guests from Dubai, Texas, New York, Geneva, Miami and Denmark 6 parties/ dinners, Boat Cruise, Cooking Class, all over 3 days, all a destination in itself, with Personalized party favors, gift bags, and Marco Polo himself. Mind you, as with anything there will be some hiccups, but Amber and her Team always came through - calmly, efficiently and without any interruption of schedule or Guests. I could go on forever about how Angel Lion exceeded our expectations for that weekend, the venues, the flowers (la Dogaressa) the vendors all found by Amber........... it was magical, beautiful, and most importantly, it was an incredible experience for everyone that attended - to this day people say that it was one of the most spectacular Wedding Celebration weekends that they have ever seen. I am truly grateful to have found that "stranger", now a friend, who planned and coordinated Our incredible Wedding and Parties - Angel Lion will go above and beyond your expectations in planning one of the most important day(s) of your life and make it a truly remarkable experience while doing it!"

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